We develop, integrate, and validate the most usable solutions in real-world robotics. If you have any ideas of better solutions, please come to our forum , and let us know.


Stable, out-of-the-box, RGB/RGB-D/D, hand pose estimation/tracking


Track anything in 2D RGB images.

Efficient Grounded-SAM

Detect anything in 2D RGB images with acceptable speed.

Gaussian Splatting-based 3D Reconstruction

Reconstruct anything to 3D model/views with 2D video.

Offline Deformable Object Pose Tracking

With a model, you can track any deformation with a 3D camera.


An intersection-free FEM-based simulator with frictional contact modeling.


Most accurate gel-based tactile sensor simulator based on ZeMa.


Every robotist should know how planning works for a real robot.

Dexterous Grasping Planning

Efficient to parallel. 2s for 1 grasp, but also 2s for 80 grasps.


better gel-based tactile sensors than Digit and GelSlim.


A Unity-based simulator, it can support fast prototyping for multi-physics simulation and biomechanics simulation.